My First Love ;)

Albert Einstein said “How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?” I add by saying “How on earth… Continue reading

This one is for You!

Have tried hard to define you… Pondering to figure out what you mean to me… Are you the Vertical Rails of my life’s ladder? Whom I clasp on for support at every step… Continue reading

I hate you (like I love you)

I have been to “Bombay” as a guest so many times and like a good guest whatever the host (read Bombay) offered me I appreciated with no complaints, no judgements; May be a… Continue reading

C’est la Vie

Dear 2011 I am little undecided on how I feel about you.  You have been pretty naughty to intersperse lil crazy things in my life. You have been quite challenging too by daring… Continue reading

A street car called “Desire”

Just few more pairs of shoes… A lil extra of that hot chocolate sauce… Only five more minutes in bed… Just one more night-out with friends… The last tequila shot… Just ten more… Continue reading

Spare me the "Shoulds"

A little princess in the house chirpy and chimerical… dreamy and fanciful… amused at the first dew drop… tearful at a broken footwear… fluttering butterfly… a quiet sky at some moment…a bandit queen… Continue reading

I am Sorry

In intoxication with love, part conscious part swept away… I was overdoing I was being unreasonable Without even a murmur… Even before I was aware, I was morphing… From an exotic charm to… Continue reading

Khudi se Rubaroo

इस उड़ान की तयारी तो कब से चल रही थी … इस सफ़र को सोच कर घबराई तो खूब थी मैं … कांपते मन से ही तो पहला कदम रखा था मैंने … अटकती , फिसलती तो मैं अब भी हूँ … पर एक एक कदम जो मैंने अकेले तये किया … वो मुझे खुद के और पास लाता गया… खुद से ही लड़ना सीख लिया … खुद… Continue reading

will wait…

When the “Melodramatic ME” is in full swing to romance you… And the rain, the wind, the place and any, many things make me over romantic… But who meets my heart is you… Continue reading

Chuppi mein jo mazaa hai…

Words mean a world to me… Chitchat is what I can do perennially… Expressions are something that just flows through me… Silence and I are obvious opposites for most people… From somewhere a… Continue reading