LOOKs maTTer….

A lousy full sleeved kameez, pajama size salwar, huge spectacles, badly managed hair! Does these remid you of anyone? C’mon how can you forget JASSI of the popular SONY soap JASSI JAISI KOI NAHIN.
That so very ugly looking JASSI with a heart full of love, care & with a mind full of wisdom and intellect. How can we forget her?
We very appreciatively sang “JASSI JAISI KOI NAHIN”. But here the question to b pondered over is “How many of us want to be JASSI JAISI ugly looking though blessed with the same loving heart and intellectual mind? Almost none. The reason for this NO is that we can’t bear ourselves to look that ugly because LOOKS DO MATTER! And when I say this, it doesn’t imply to looking so very pretty or amazingly beautiful but it implies to looking presentable, to looking pleasant. All I want to say is that when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we should come across as a presentable, cheerful and confident person, someone who can take up the challenges of life, instead of feeling that the mother nature could have been more benevolent to bless us with a better face, better body etc.
We all know when we look good, we feel good! Looking good not only enhances our personality but also makes us look more trendy and young, ready to take on whatever comes our way. And in today’s competitive world, we need to have a balanced view of ourselves for that’s important if we want to conquer the world.
Agreed that the inner aspects i.e… knowledge, attitude, skills are far more important.
Agreed that looks alone can’t take you farther in life.
Agreed that “No beauty is like the beauty of mind”.
But who would appreciate a shabby ugly looking person to be the CEO of a company or be at any other recognized position? No one is comfortable and receptive to shabby, ugly looking people.
And no doubt, people with great potential are underestimated and undervalued because of their bad looks. And who knows may be it can lead you to losing your opportunity for life.
And let me tell you one thing that the way you look, its for you and you alone to decide because looking good is not about having a perfect face, perfect body, it’s more about carrying your body perfectly.
So it doesn’t matter if you have a long nose or a shorter height. Instead of cribbing about it spend your time to make the best out of it. What matters is being able to carry your natural self. And that is a hard nut to crack for it requires a certain mindset, the courage of conviction to project a look that matches your personality. You may have to work hard on a few things that need improvement and why not when it pays you back with lots of confidence, self-assured spirit and appreciation of the people around.
Thus regardless of all those explanations that “What matters is what is inside not outside of you” and “All that glitters is not gold” and etc… we have to accept that we need to look presentable to face the world. The scene today is “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”, so take care of every aspect of yourself, thereby feel good about yourself for that’s exactly what goes into making you a winner.