God… What they made out of you…

Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opiate of masses”. The quote by a man of such a stature cannot be easily refuted.

Religion as he believes is nothing but an excuse for the failures and shortcomings of the man. Religion, which in ancient times worked as a source of strength and leverage for the masses, which used to kindle them to work progressively and morally, has been highly derogated to be an answer to the incapabilities of the mankind.

Any failure, defeat on the part of human beings doesn’t stir them up to look into their fallacies and doesn’t direct them to improvement. Instead they very submissively surrender themselves to the religion, to the Almighty whom they believe to take care of everything. Anything in this world that they don’t have an answer to is attributed to religion, to some super-natural power and in that sense religion is relevant but only for the gullible. And to top it all, in order to please the Almighty they fall prey to many superstitions, needless to mention the wide variety of Babas who term themselves as to be spiritual gurus. In fact this has been exaggerated to such heights that being a spiritual guru is another profession. Two days back I was reading an article titled “Happiness through spiritual shops is a fad or an authenticity”. And that makes me smile …

The term “Spiritual Shops”, mind it people the word “SHOPS” very much underlines the fact that they are nothing but a fad. People, in the name of religion, run around for the spiritual gurus to their spiritual shops, leaving behind their primary duty of taking care of their families.

But friends what good do you think can preparing langar will do to u if your children are crying at home for you to come & give them food.

One of my father’s friend divorces his wife after 25 years of happy married life because his wife has suddenly turned religious or I should say her definition of religion has suffered a deviation. For the last two years she has been barely at home as she was busy doing kirtan’s and sewa as they call it at the one of the spiritual shops leaving his children in dismay and loneliness.

Is this my friends you call relevance of religion?

For all those who say that these spiritual shops and all this is a way to companionship and a balm for the broken & battered friends this is nothing more than just another kitty party group for them.

The other day one of my cousin was showing me his collection of rare classics like Shakespeare, Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho and the like. Somewhere in the corner I saw the paling pages of Ramayana and Mahabharata and I asked him “Have you read them?” and he told me a non-hesitant NO. I was amazed to know that someone who has read such amazing English classics has not read so very important books of his own religion. When I said this to him he said “It’s because no has ever questioned me on the relevance of these books, no one has ever belittled me for not knowing the relevance of these books”. For people like him a lakshman rekha is nothing more than a piece of chalk used against cockroaches.

This, my dear friends, has become the relevance of religion in today’s society.

And not to forget the most important aspect of religion in today’s society.

Religion is relevant only when Narendra Modi needs to protect his political position in the name of Hindutva. Religion is relevant when Islamic terrorist justify their mass killing of innocent people in the name of jihad.

It really hurts me to say that religion today is not synonymous with peace or harmony but with violence and extremism.

So when you talk about relevance of religion in terms of the meaning it holds today in the society, it has been highly nullified as the very purpose of religion of maintaining peace, calmness &happiness within and around has been surrendered. Only when it resumes it original meaning of a beautiful way of life, can we talk about religion and its relevance in today’s society.