8 strokes and Life Rocks

 A very close relationship always told me that one should analyse life in retrospect:

See what have been the best things and make sure you keep doing them over and over again. Also check for things that went wrong and equally important is to find out why they dint work out. Part of getting what you WANT is figuring out what you don’t want, don’t need, & won’t accept.
Life’s focus is not only about doing the right things but also about not doing the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
So the observant me has identified 8 winning strokes for a Rocking Life:

Mann Kholo
Preconceived notions are big barriers that prevent you from exploring a host of things in life. Think about the subjects you don’t like. For instance I hate finance subjects; I hate that boring financial valuation etc. And I tell myself I am a marketer, I don’t need them. A friend of mine doesn’t like maths because he flunked in maths in 8th standard. It’s more like “You don’t like the question probably because you don’t like your answer.”
Think about the people you din’t like initially and finally ended up being the closest with them. If you’re never uncertain, or uncomfortable, or tested…you’re probably not taking enough chances.
The only point that I am trying to drive in here is Give everything in life a fair chance and then you have every right to take your call.
Jigra laga do
I remember when I was in 8th standard, it was the first time that we were supposed to study the complete chapters and not just the question at the end of text. I was scared, I studied diligently and assiduously and I scored a 100. I patted myself and told Yey!!! Good work babes. “Ki hui mehnat kahi nahi jaati”
And now during my Masters degree, the first time I thought of doing a National marketing competition or be it an International Research Paper contest, I was still scared. I thought how will i do it. I have never done it before. But I tried, put my heart in it and I won both. And I still tell myself “Ki hui mehnat kahi nahi jaati”
Don’t think I haven’t faced failure. But whenever I have lost without putting in effort or after a lousy work, I have felt even more miserable.
I know you can’t put in your best in everything, so prioritize. Decide what you want to do and give it a hit. And trust me it gives you kick of joy. You feel powerful and notoriously happy.
Darne ka nahi
There are innumerable moments of fun, of growth, of smiles, of lightness in life but we just think a lot, restrain, hesitate or just get scared.  Think of the times when you shied to dance on the table top while playing Truth and Dare, when you thought like 20 times before calling your boss for an off, when you dint ask a question in a conference because you thought it would be dumb to ask and endless such times.
Let me tell you these were the moments you lost as you could have just smiled a lil more while doing freaky dance on table top or ached your head a little less by calling your boss the first time or grown a lil more by getting your doubts cleared (On second thoughts, you would have felt even dumber when that Rock star became Hero by asking that dumb question)
Life is to chill. So be a sport. Fly, enjoy, be a free spirit. “Darti to main kisi k baap se bhi nahi hu”- carry this attitude because no one in this world is worth more than the fun of your freedom.
Don’t be judgmental
This is one thing really difficult and sometimes even counter-productive. It’s because it’s very important to have opinions about things in life.
Just imagine if you read something, attend a lecture and have no opinion about it, you are just guzzling loads & loads with no value added to you. You can’t even use it anywhere else, it’s because you haven’t customized it to fit in your mind. Analogically, how do you make choices while shopping or how do you advice a friend if you are not an opinionated person.
The only thing that you can do is some copy & paste or live by others’ opinion and that, I am sorry, is not really a good idea to make your life rock.
Thus while you make choices, form opinions, make discretions being judgemental is just the next step.  Be very careful while you criticise your friend for something he said to you last night because that one statement shouldn’t make you judgemental and thus averse to your friend.
There have been multiple times I have reacted with statements like “Koi aise kaise kar sakta hai”, “what nonsense people”, “I can never do anything like this” etc. But have realised that I have no business judging them when I haven’t walked a mile in their stilettos.
So comes this great stroke- “NEVER, NEVER be judgemental. You don’t know what the other person has been through and you never know when you start loving the same thing you have been criticising.”
Smile (J wink wink)
As I always say “There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the way”.  And trust me everything sets right if you make smile, happiness a part of you. You’ll be energetic, welcoming and successful.
Reasons to make you sad can by many and never ending. So in that fire fighting, don’t lose all your life. Nothing you are waiting for will make you happy. No achievement, no acquisition and no person can make you happy if you have added this air of sadness to your life as if all the troubles in the world are in your share. Remember that anything external is only the icing, you are already the whole cake.
And you know what the worst part is, if you are not happy, you can’t give happiness or love to anyone. You’ll only transmit anger, frustration. The person whom you thought will bring happiness either ends up sympathising with or consoling you or keeps putting endless effort to make you happy. Two beggars can’t make each other rich.
So be brave and smile… It takes more courage to believe in Happy Endings than it does to be cynical.
Pravachan mat do
Never give your advice until asked for. It’s VERY VERY important to know that you are no one to decide the way you live, think, behave etc is right and others’ are wrong.
You don’t have to share your expressions with everyone. If you see someone going the wrong way, don’t just jump into correction mode.  Do only that quantum of social service that brings pleasure, not trouble, not intrusion.
Don’t Crib
Life is hard, accept it and it will become much easier to tread. You’ll have a tough boss, mean heart breaks, difficult jobs etcetera but the sooner you accept situations, the better. Stop cribbing about things because that’s not gonna change things. In fact give you more reasons to crib. I remember how I never felt like working during one of my internships because my boss was a mean man. I wasted a lot of time cribbing about him and ended up with more remorse because I had become inefficient, lazy, and full of excuses.
Constant criticism and cribbing is the most harmful way to handle unfavourable situations because it just irritates you with so much negativity in your head. God!!! Even thinking about this made me uneasy.
So DO NOT crib and do an even better job so that at least your work makes you feel happy.
Keep Your Head up
At all points in life Keep your dignity intact. Nothing is worth losing your dignity or putting your self-respect at stake. Chuck all counselling like sometimes you have to bow down to get up etc. Don’t ever go for sycophancy, cheating or tolerance of unfair actions. You DO NOT need this to go up. Do your work well and nothing else is required to keep you going up. So “Apna Kaam Karo or chaude ho k jiyo”.
I know it’s not that simple to get all this flowing through my DNA.
There is a part of me… that makes me slow down…
There are times when no motivation seems to work…
There is a part of me that feels vulnerable…
No critical or logical reasoning can convince me…
No matter how hard I try to evade
No matter how stern I am when I chalk out my agendas…
No matter how accountable I feel when I think of my duties…
No matter how confident I feel when I think of my purpose for life…
It does happen that a really determined person may deviate and do otherwise. It’s perfectly alright to have a few cloudy moments. But if life’s sky is always darkened with clouds, then that will keep you secluded from the brightness of life.
So it’s all on to you to bring out that superstar that you were born to be. Rock it baby!!! J