C’est la Vie

Dear 2011
I am little undecided on how I feel about you.  You have been pretty naughty to intersperse lil crazy things in my life. You have been quite challenging too by daring me to do things I was scared of. You have even surprised me by the sudden and absolutely unexpected twists and turns in the course of the year. But you have been equally generous, warm and a lot empowering.
You have unfolded a lot of me to me and set the road to a much higher elevation with a whole new lot of adventures. Though the road is little dangerous, little tricky, little parted but I am sure it would widen to newer horizons each day.
So before I bid adieu to you, I wish to thank you for some of the chuckles, amusements, tiny joys and beams of laughter.

  • For the mom style aaloo at 1 am in Mumbai
  • For the hot water bath in the chilling cold weather
  • For making me notice my nail just before it started to break so i could save it
  • For few but pleasantly surprising days when I got the seat just when I boarded the Mumbai local
  • For the ice-cream, not too frozen nor too molten –just perfect cream
  • For the free pizza when it reached just after 30 minutes
  • For the late night gossip with all my girlie gang
  • For finding my long forgotten t-shirt in a bundle of clothes
  • For the times when we sneaked out from a ventilator to celebrate birthday on hostel terrace
  • For sparse occasions of getting the auto just the moment I stepped out
  • For the smile on looking at shreds of napkin in old wallet coz it is scribbled with goofy convos of my friends
  • For the 20 varieties of smoothies, donuts, blueberry cream etc  etc…  in breakfast just before a long day at work
  • For the time when i put my head on the pillow and dozed off into a magical sleep in a split second
  • For the OMG expression on bumping into an old friend after ages
  • For the time when my otherwise weird younger brother cutely kissed my forehead & pulled blanket over me when I was crumbling in sleep
  • For the sinful chocolate brownie flooded with chocolate sauce , esp. for having it with someone who just takes a bite and smilingly leaves the rest for me to indulge in
  • For when I was thinking of someone and just-in-time the phone beeped with a msg from the same person
  • For the joy of heavy rain of Mumbai which comes from nowhere & drenches w/out even giving the time to escape
  • For the warm smile and wave from a friend amidst chaotic day at work
  • For the innocent look on my face when everyone laughs to reconfirm how much I have over slept
  • For the little fights over the last bite of the desert
  • For a loaded day suddenly turning super vehla (free) coz 3 out of the 4 lectures got cancelled
  • For the super escalated value (all the pampering and no scolding, no questions) I get on a week’s holiday at home coz I am the poor kid who stays away and does everything on my own (awww…)
  • For repeating 40 times the same 2 lines of a song i was loving at the moment but just couldn’t remember
  • For the money that the internship during MBA payed so i felt less guilty about the exorbitant shopping I did for boring business formals
  • For the times when for a change I only got green lights on the way
  • For when I suddenly discovered that 30 page case I am cribbing to read is actually 12 coz the rest are exhibits with graphs that we read only when the prof mentions them in the class
  • For the restaurant paying a memoire to my college gang by playing all our college-time favourite numbers
  • For the unexpected compliments from equally unexpected people
  • For the beautiful mornings when I braved to get up early
  • For the 20% discount on the purchase just when I was about to make the full payment
  • For the blissful realisation that it is still 1 more hour for the alarm
  • For the mail in my inbox telling me I have won 25000 bucks for winning some competition 3 months ago
  • For the parcels with tiny tiny things from home telling me that no one loves me more than my family
  • Man-o-man, For the unconsciously borrowed pet words of friends that sweetly remind me of them
  • For the wakeup call that pulls me out of a fairy tale but brings to me a b’ful reality
  • For the spring in my step because life is good
What more do I say to tell you that you have been wonderful- a little sunshine, a little freedom, a little flower!!!
Opening arms for 2012 with more curiosity, glee, pluck, cheer, vibrancy and with a mind that is open to everything, a mind that is attached to nothing J

2012, Bring it on baby!!!