Meet Me :)

The hygiene dimensions of introduction:

Born and brought up in a small town called Rajpura in Punjab, India, I am a marketing management graduate from one of India’s top B-school- SPJIMR, Mumbai.

On rolls of TATA Group as a TAS manager. Have taken only cursory steps into my worklife at TATA Group so don’t have more details on that. Would only say “So far so good.”

And the other stuff about me:

I am a happy and cheerful person. A friend of mine very well states “Happiness = State of mind”. “Khush rehne k aadat hoti hai, jisko hai, usko hai.”

I love talking- emphatic powerful logical talking when required, crazy funny endless maybe nonsensical talking when with my people.

I enjoy reading – biographies, philosophy, non-fiction, few spiritual texts.

Independence, freedom make me flourish. I stifle around conservatives – too many rules. So I am kind of a rebel. “Either you convince me that you are right or i’ll do what i believe is right” – only my family members get a little exception sometimes.

Lot of things to learn and so a lot on my agenda.

Plausible list for now:

  • Writing (more lyrical)
  • Playing a musical instrument (have successfully played my first few songs on piano)

Imaginative List :



Till a certain time, I believed(or atleast i liked to believe) i knew myself pretty well. But there have been sufficient instances where i have defied my innate nature(or so i believe), multiple occasions where i did the same thing i have criticized for years. So i have concluded:

 “Figuring out self : Work in Progress”

For now, I like to call myself a free bird.

And i truly believe that there is someone called “God” who loves me dearly and is taking care of us all.