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I am Sorry

In intoxication with love, part conscious part swept away… I was overdoing I was being unreasonable Without even a murmur… Even before I was aware, I was morphing… From an exotic charm to… Continue reading

will wait…

When the “Melodramatic ME” is in full swing to romance you… And the rain, the wind, the place and any, many things make me over romantic… But who meets my heart is you… Continue reading

“Lose it with me…"

Maniac or Sane ? Melodramatic or Pragmatic ? Mercurial or Placid ? Sharp or Gullible ? Possessive or Freak ? Who am i… Feel like a powerful, focussed man… Sharp, intelligent… Calm &… Continue reading

"The" Love of my Life…

No matter how clichéd it may sound to call him the Love of my life… But so true, so real are the words -“The Love of my Life”- for him. He is the… Continue reading

Pehli Baar Mohabaat ki hai…

Though I live with you even without having you around… I smile while walking on the road thinking you are waiting at the end of the road to hug me… I feel shy… Continue reading

Is it Us? or You & Me?

Never did I listen/paid heed to people When they pushed me with “Just let him go” Or when they tried to convince me with “He’ll be passé” Or when they taught me fundas… Continue reading

Lets Grow Together- Abhyudaya at SPJIMR

One little budding flower Beautiful and fragile Petals Soft and tremulous All eager to grow… Flapping with enthusiasm to flourish… Sometimes trembles in the buffeting Strong winds Scared to lose its softness, colour… Continue reading

I remember…

I still remember how I looked at my phone some trillion times when you unfolded your love for me… I remember how beautifully each of your words described every bit of me as… Continue reading


If I knew it would be the last time that I’d see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the lord your soul to keep.If I knew it… Continue reading