Chum Chum – Walk shalk!!!

My mornings – 8:15 am for 8:30 am lecture, 2:00 pm on a holiday Yes, I know the luxury of sleeping well is unmatched… Yes, I do yearn for lazy nap for that’s… Continue reading

“Lose it with me…"

Maniac or Sane ? Melodramatic or Pragmatic ? Mercurial or Placid ? Sharp or Gullible ? Possessive or Freak ? Who am i… Feel like a powerful, focussed man… Sharp, intelligent… Calm &… Continue reading

8 strokes and Life Rocks

 A very close relationship always told me that one should analyse life in retrospect: See what have been the best things and make sure you keep doing them over and over again. Also… Continue reading

Misses and Hits in my Life…

Life… All my life I have always philosophised about how my life would be… Loved some of the quotes of famous people about life… But 22 years of my life are made of… Continue reading

"The" Love of my Life…

No matter how clichéd it may sound to call him the Love of my life… But so true, so real are the words -“The Love of my Life”- for him. He is the… Continue reading

Pehli Baar Mohabaat ki hai…

Though I live with you even without having you around… I smile while walking on the road thinking you are waiting at the end of the road to hug me… I feel shy… Continue reading

Is it Us? or You & Me?

Never did I listen/paid heed to people When they pushed me with “Just let him go” Or when they tried to convince me with “He’ll be passé” Or when they taught me fundas… Continue reading

Lets Grow Together- Abhyudaya at SPJIMR

One little budding flower Beautiful and fragile Petals Soft and tremulous All eager to grow… Flapping with enthusiasm to flourish… Sometimes trembles in the buffeting Strong winds Scared to lose its softness, colour… Continue reading

M a blessed soul…

From tiny baby steps to decisions of life… From mommy’s lap to the world’s flap… From protected home to wild zone… From smugging loved ones to cold strangers… From wicked games to Godu’s… Continue reading

Fire in Me…

Ordinary is just too ordinary… And a life is too great a loss to trade for something ordinary… And so this little miss sunshine has been brimming with enthusiasm… To make it big,… Continue reading